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Coconut Cream Cake

Ireland AM

Krissy Gibson from Take The Cake is here to keep us going.

Sunday, 4th Feb 11.35am


Early Spring Looks

Stylist Judy Gilroy shows us some Early Spring Looks. 8mins

Friday, 23rd Feb 9.45am

Herb And Lime Crusted Hake

Tommy Butler shares his recipe for his Herb and Lime Crusted Hake. 6mins

Friday, 23rd Feb 9.35am

Minister For Justice Helen McEntee

Minister For Justice Helen McEntee joins us to talk about the new Sexual and Gender Based Violence Agency. 12mins

Friday, 23rd Feb 8.45am

Deric Dances To Hip-Hop

Deric is in the Arkins Dance and Stage Academy to learn how to dance to Hip-Hop. 8mins

Friday, 23rd Feb 8.35am

Frank O' Mara

Irish athletics legend Frank O' Mara joins us to talk about his battle with Parkinson's. 11mins

Friday, 23rd Feb 8.15am