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People Hacker Jenny Radcliffe

Ireland AM

People Hacker Jenny Radcliffe joins us to discuss her career and what it means to be a 'People Hacker'!

Thursday, 16th Nov 8.20am


Financial Christmas Advise

Eoin Mcgee gives us all the best Financial Christmas Advise. 7mins

Wednesday, 6th Dec 7.37am

Chasing Perfection at Christmas

Colmon Noctor comes on to talk about how to let go of perfectionism this holiday. 6mins

Wednesday, 6th Dec 7.31am

Fabulous Festive Biscuits

Chef Suzie Lee makes her Fabulous Festive Biscuits. 7mins

Tuesday, 5th Dec 9.21am

Kevin Sinfield and Rob Burrows

Rugby legends Kevin Sinfields and Rob Burrows come on to talk about Kevin's Ultra marathon to raise money for Motor Neurone... 12mins

Tuesday, 5th Dec 8.56am

Jennifer Rock

The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock tells us all the best treatments to take care of our skin. 8mins

Tuesday, 5th Dec 8.12am