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Binge Drinking

Ireland AM

Dearbhla O'Brien tells us that the research shows that 59% of adults dink alcohol at least once a week and 1/4 of drinkers engage in binge drinking.

Friday, 10th Nov 8.50am


Fabulous Festive Biscuits

Chef Suzie Lee makes her Fabulous Festive Biscuits. 7mins

Tuesday, 5th Dec 9.21am

Kevin Sinfield and Rob Burrows

Rugby legends Kevin Sinfields and Rob Burrows come on to talk about Kevin's Ultra marathon to raise money for Motor Neurone... 12mins

Tuesday, 5th Dec 8.56am

Jennifer Rock

The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock tells us all the best treatments to take care of our skin. 8mins

Tuesday, 5th Dec 8.12am

Faye Shortt and Patt Shortt

Comedian Patt Shortt and Faye Shortt tell us all about their lives together and their new show. 10mins

Tuesday, 5th Dec 8.05am

Paul Lynch

Author Paul Lynch comes on to tell us all about his career and his new book Prophet Song. 7mins

Tuesday, 5th Dec 7.45am