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Italian Style Roasted Cabbage With Lentils and a Black Olive Pan

Ireland AM

Joining us now to serve up this perfect vegan centerpiece is our fire fighting chef Paul Knapp

Wednesday, 8th Nov 8.45am


Festive Fashion

Stylist Rosalind Lipsett shows us some Festive Fashion from the Swan Centre in Rathmines. 8mins

Friday, 1st Dec 9.45am

Tesco Christmas Appeal

Deric is in the Balally Family Resource Centre to find out about the Tesco Christmas Appeal. 7mins

Friday, 1st Dec 9.35am

HIV Test

HIV Mobile Testing Coordinator Ann Piercy join us to tell us what to expect from a HIV test. 7mins

Friday, 1st Dec 8.50am

Edible Festive Decorations

Chef Catherine Fulvio shares her recipe for her Edible Festive Decorations. 7mins

Friday, 1st Dec 8.40am

The Loss Of Shane MacGowan

Musician BP Fallon and Pat Carty Hotpress journalist join us to talk about the loss Of Shane MacGowan. 15mins

Friday, 1st Dec 8.15am