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Patrick Duffy & Vera Pauw

Ireland AM

Ahead of the St Patricks Day parade Dallas Legend Patrick Duffy and Ireland WNT head coach Vera Pauw join us for a chat

Friday, 17th Mar 9.45am


Spring / Summer Styles

Stylist Rosalind Lipsett joins us with some spring / summer styles to inspire us for Easter! 8mins

Friday, 31st Mar 9.50am

Chocolate & Matcha Brownies

Joining us in the kitchen is Fiona Uyema with an extra special recipe for classic brownies! 8mins

Friday, 31st Mar 9.35am

Helen Steele

One of Ireland's foremost international designers Helen Steele joins us to discuss the 'Incognito' auction. 9mins

Friday, 31st Mar 9.20am

Bad Bridget: Irish Women, Emigration & Crime

Authors Elaine Farrell and Leanne McCormick joins us to tell us about their book 'Bad Bridget'. 9mins

Friday, 31st Mar 8.50am

Naomi Parry

Stylist and friend to Amy Winehouse. Naomi Parry, joins us to discuss her new book. 10mins

Friday, 31st Mar 8.20am