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Jackfruit & Kelp Cakes

Ireland AM

Today in the kitchen we'll be putting a veggie spin on a classic fish cake, and here to 'kelp' us out is Tony Keogh from Cornucopia!

Friday, 13th Jan 8.35pm


Movies with Brian

We've got the best things to watch this weekend - Brian Lloyd was here to give us all the details! 11mins

Thursday, 2nd Feb 9.45am

Forager Feebee

We were here with Forager Feebee Foran learning all about the benefits of wild weeds and trialling some of the skincare products she has made from them. 9mins

Thursday, 2nd Feb 9.30am

Game Of Thrones Tour

Deric lives out his Game of Thrones dreams as he takes a grand tour! 5mins

Thursday, 2nd Feb 9.15am


Chef Alberto Rossi makes Chiacchiere - sweet pastries for Italian Carnival! 8mins

Thursday, 2nd Feb 8.35am

Dr Brian Tobin

After facing three types of cancer, Dr Brian Tobin was advised by doctors to undergo genetic testing. The results showed Brian to possess an extremely rare... 11mins

Thursday, 2nd Feb 8.20am