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Ken Follet

Ireland AM

Our next guest has written 37 books and sold a staggering 181 million copies worldwide. Best-selling author Ken Follet joins us now to discuss his new book 'Never'.

Saturday, 13th Nov 11.20am


Lidl Christmas Memory Winner

We've been asking you this morning to share your favourite Christmas memory. One lucky viewer wins €1000 worth of Lidl... 5mins

Monday, 6th Dec 9.50am

Orla Foley Remembering Anthony

Hero, leader, legend, Axel, we're of course talking about the great Anthony Foley. But for Orla Foley, he was simply the best... 11mins

Monday, 6th Dec 9.35am

Tipperary Crystal Frontline Worker Winner

Alan surprises frontline worker Kathy Breen with a wonderful prize from Tipperary Crystal worth €3000. Kathy was nominated by... 8mins

Monday, 6th Dec 9.20am

Festive Styles

From colour blocking to shiny sparkles, if you're looking to make a statement with your look this festive season, stylist Mandy Maher has you covered! 7mins

Monday, 6th Dec 8.45am

Mushroom Winter Hotpot

Looking for a nice winter meal that is sure to warm the heart? Well, Paul Knapp has just the thing with his Mushroom Winter Hotpot! 6mins

Monday, 6th Dec 8.35am