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Post Natal Depression

Ireland AM

As part of our Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re joined in studio by Amy Byrne, who experienced postnatal depression with her second child, and GP with Rowan Family Practice in Churchtown, Dr Edel Doorley

Saturday, 9th Oct 10.30am


Reptile Awareness Day

They don't win the award for most cuddly pet, but reptiles deserve their own day too! Jungle Dave is here with some exotic friends 8mins

Thursday, 21st Oct 9.50am

Winter Comfy Casuals

With Autumn in full swing, its time to get some staple pieces that will keep you warm and comfy this season 6mins

Thursday, 21st Oct 9.35am

Erica Cody

Singer-songwriter, and all round star, Erica Cody, was in for a chat and to perform her new single 11mins

Thursday, 21st Oct 9.15am

Tik Tok Tics

Doctors around the world have reported a rise in teenage girls developing Tourette-like tics, with many saying TikTok videos could be to blame. 8mins

Thursday, 21st Oct 8.50am

Warm Pumpkin Salad

Randy Lewis is showing us why we should be cooking, and not just carving, our pumpkins! 7mins

Thursday, 21st Oct 8.35am