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Sloppy Joes

Ireland AM

We're in for a treat today. Sloppy Joes for lunch, but what are they exactly? Charlo the Chef was here to tell us

Saturday, 17th Jul 11.20am


Wines for the Weekend

This morning we were trying some wines from holiday destinations across Europe, qualified wine expert Michelle Lawlor showed us some of her favourites 9mins

Thursday, 29th Jul 9.50am

Community Pub

When the last remaining pub in the village faced closure, the people of Rathgormack in country Waterford came together to save one of the community's centre... 8mins

Thursday, 29th Jul 9.35am

Love Island Catchup

Well if you wanted more drama from Love Island, we certainly got plenty of it last night, journalist Orlaith Condon talks us through the highlights 10mins

Thursday, 29th Jul 9.15am

Lamb Lollipop Skewers

Chef and TikTok master Daniel Lambert is showing us how to make Lollipop Lamb Skewers and we'll be taking on the Burrito Folding Challenge 8mins

Thursday, 29th Jul 8.45am

This Week's Movies

With us now we have our movie maestro, Entertainment.ie's Brian Lloyd, and he's here to give us the lowdown on what's hitting cinemas this week 11mins

Thursday, 29th Jul 8.20am