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Nicole O'Brien

Ireland AM

It was the dating show to rival Love Island, and Cork native Nicole O'Brien certainly found 'Too Hot To Handle' an interesting experience and a launchpad for her career.

Wednesday, 30th Jun 9.10am


The Alpaca Man

Joe Phelan better known as 'Joe the Alpaca Man' was in with four furry friends to tell us about this hidden farming gem 7mins

Monday, 26th Jul 9.45am

Keith Wood

Keith Wood joined us to chat Lions tours, avoiding the sun and an exciting new rugby experience coming to Limerick! 13mins

Monday, 26th Jul 9.35am

Love Island Recap

Journalist and podcast host Orlaith Condon is here to look back at all of last night's action 11mins

Monday, 26th Jul 9.20am

Spiced Beef Kebab

Michelin star chef Eric Matthews shows us some handy cooking tips as he teams up with Safefood to spread awareness 9mins

Monday, 26th Jul 8.35am

West Side Story

We chatted about the return of live theatre performances with Leah Barnville and Johnny Ward. 10mins

Monday, 26th Jul 8.15am