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Support Your Immune System

Ireland AM

Over the past year, immunity has been a real buzzword when talking about Covid-19 and the pandemic, with some studies showing that Vitamin D adds a real boost to your immune system

Wednesday, 26th May 9.35am


Iced Coffee

Over the last year or so, TikTok has become the place to go for viral food and drink recipes with iced coffee being the latest trend of 2021 6mins

Tuesday, 15th Jun 9.50am

Rise in Naturism

Lockdown has certainly caused life to change, but one of the most striking results is the surge in those turning to naturism to embrace freedom. 11mins

Tuesday, 15th Jun 9.35am

Staycation Necessities

If you’re looking to get away over the next few weeks but are worried about what to pack for the little ones than look no further. 9mins

Tuesday, 15th Jun 9.15am

Brush Dancing

He is a fashion icon, dancer, musician and, after his last appearance on the show, an Ireland AM favourite. Padraig Howley and his daughter Tara are back... 7mins

Tuesday, 15th Jun 8.50am

Summery Tomato and Basil Pasta

The firefighting chef Paul Knapp is back with a dish dish takes inspiration from the warmer mediterranean climate 9mins

Tuesday, 15th Jun 8.40am