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Cat Behaviour

Ireland AM

Cat Behaviour Consultant Alice Chau joined us to discuss her role and why people need to educate themselves before adopting a cat, especially in the pandemic

Thursday, 15th Apr 8.35am


Dealing with Divorce

Clinical Psychotherapist Stephanie Regan joined us to offer her advice on dealing with relationship breakdown in lockdown 12mins

Thursday, 6th May 9.45am

Outdoor Fashion

We're gearing up for potential staycations this summer so to make sure your wardrobe is ready, stylist Barbara Stack has some colourful and casual pieces to... 6mins

Thursday, 6th May 9.35am

Guide to Weaning

Weaning is one of many exciting milestones in your babies life, with new experiences just around the corner, but how do you know the time is right to start... 11mins

Thursday, 6th May 9.20am

Casarecce Nduja and Ricotta

Luca de Marzio is transporting us to Italy with his Casarecce recipe that will be sure to "pasta" test! 8mins

Thursday, 6th May 8.45am

Gay Conversion Therapy

As politicans in the North vote to ban gay conversion therapy we'll be speaking to a man in Co. Down who says it should be allowed as it helped him save his... 14mins

Thursday, 6th May 8.20am