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Red Look's for Your Wardrobe

Ireland AM

Stylist Mandy Maher joins us

Wednesday, 15th Jul 9.50am


Sleep Expert Lucy Wolfe

Are you introducing a new baby into the family and are worried about how it will affect your other children's sleep patterns? Sleep Expert Lucy Wolfe joins... 8mins

Thursday, 6th Aug 9.45am

Summer Evening Wear

Glenda caught up with stylist Justine King to take a look at some styles that will have you sorted for your next evening out 4mins

Thursday, 6th Aug 9.35am

Dog Theft Rise

Throughout Ireland, there has been a rise in the number of thefts of dogs. GardaĆ­ are appealing for people to take extra prevention measures when it comes... 10mins

Thursday, 6th Aug 9.20am

Tempered Potato and Beetroot Curry

Paul Knapp is never one for making anything bland and this morning he's going to tickle our taste buds with a tempered potato... 7mins

Thursday, 6th Aug 8.45am

Chicken Wing Challenge

In a clash for the ages, an epic head-to-head battle to determine chicken wing eating supremacy in Ireland AM 8mins

Wednesday, 5th Aug 9.50am