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Pete the Vet and Marina Fiddler

Ireland AM

As we prepare ourselves for readjusting back into the normal swing of things after lockdown, how will our pets react to us no longer being around all day? Pete the Vet joins us to discuss this alongside Marina Fiddler, Rehoming Co-Ordinator at Dog Rescue Madra.ie

Tuesday, 23rd Jun 9.30am


Stylish Summer Looks

We're hoping for more sunshine in the weeks ahead as lots of us plan a staycation. Justine King has a selection of stylish summer looks 7mins

Monday, 6th Jul 9.45am

Parenting expert Dr Mary O'Kane

Trying to homeschool our children during lockdown has given us a much better understanding of the vital role that teachers play... 8mins

Monday, 6th Jul 9.35am

Minted Lamb Chops and Spiced Chickpeas

Chef Joe Shannon joined us this morning with Minted Lamb Chops and Spiced Chickpeas 7mins

Monday, 6th Jul 9.30am

Donal O'Keeffe

Images and videos emerged at the weekend showing large crowds gathering around the capital’s bars on the first weekend of Phase 3. Many have expressed... 5mins

Monday, 6th Jul 9.10am

Cervical Check

This morning, Cervical Check screening programmes will begin to distribute letters to patients again after the service was stopped due to Covid 19 8mins

Monday, 6th Jul 8.45am