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Pasta Carbonara

Ireland AM

Look who's in the kitchen, it's only Charlo from charlothechef.com . We've missed his big feeds over the past few months, but there's pasta on the menu today.

Saturday, 23rd May 10.30am


Garden Gadgets

Our gadget expert Colin Baker joined us with the latest gadgets that are sure to make your garden even more enjoyable for the summer months ahead. 8mins

Tuesday, 26th May 9.50am

2020 Weddings

Instead of letting their big day pass by, lots of lovebirds are finding new ways to celebrate their would-be wedding day. 9mins

Tuesday, 26th May 9.30am

Construction Industry

How are builders coping with the new restrictions caused by the coronavirus and what impact will all this have on the supply and cost of new homes? 10mins

Tuesday, 26th May 9.20am

Mexican Entomatadas

Lily Ramirez-Foran from Dublin's Picado cookery school is giving us a lesson in how to create authentic Mexican food. 8mins

Tuesday, 26th May 8.45am

Backing Business

Here at Ireland AM and Virgin Media we're supporting businesses across the country who are adapting to the challenges around Covid-19. 3mins

Tuesday, 26th May 8.30am