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Pete The Vet

Ireland AM

Pete joins us to discuss the process of a dog being able to detect COVID-19

Tuesday, 19th May 9.10am


Sensory Play

Ollwyn Moran, Child Development Expert and founder of Cognikids joined us with some lovely sensory play ideas for you to try at home! 9mins

Monday, 25th May 9.45am

Hair Salons

Split ends, dodgy home haircuts and unsightly greys - yes it's time we had a trip to the hairdressers! But when are they reopening and what will the protocol... 8mins

Monday, 25th May 9.20am

Holistic Gardener

Between work, minding the kids and keeping the house in order, taking a break might be the last thing on your mind but it's just as important to switch and... 10mins

Monday, 25th May 9.10am

Puff Pastry Pizza Rolls

The culinary demands of children can be tricky, so this morning we decided turn to Chef Jack O’Keeffe for some snack time inspiration with a kid-friendly... 8mins

Monday, 25th May 8.45am

Moments That Matter - Laura Lynn

Moments that Matter” was the theme for this year’s campaign, building on Laura Lynn’s maxim of ‘making the most of... 3mins

Sunday, 24th May 10.50am