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Arthur Edwards

Ireland AM

It was confirmed yesterday that Prince Charles has tested positive for COVID-19.

Thursday, 26th Mar 9.10am


Hand Care

Has all this washing left your hands feeling dry and sore? 6mins

Friday, 27th Mar 9.40am

First Aid Kit

While we’re all isolating in their homes this week, it’s important to remember to keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet if and when an illness or accident... 7mins

Friday, 27th Mar 9.20am

Medication Stock in Ireland

Only a couple of weeks ago there were reports of people dangerously stockpiling medications in pharmacies threatening our... 5mins

Friday, 27th Mar 9.10am

Butternut Chana Masala

This morning we’re making a curry that will use up that contents of your cupboards and should only take 15 minutes to make. 8mins

Friday, 27th Mar 8.45am

Daffodil Day

With the help of companies like Twitter and Rothco, the charity is today running a "Digital Daffodil Day". 8mins

Friday, 27th Mar 8.20am