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Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's Speech

Ireland AM

Eoghan Thomas McDermott joins us to discuss the Taoiseach's address to the nation

Wednesday, 18th Mar 8.30am


Balcony Bingo Part 2

Alan’s getting the balls rolling in Ringsend so eyes down, markers out 8mins

Tuesday, 31st Mar 9.45am

Easter Themed Craft

Vanessa Scott-Hayward from The Craft Corner is here to sprinkle some glitter on your morning with some Easter-themed craft. 10mins

Tuesday, 31st Mar 9.35am

Dame Esther Rantzen

Dame Esther Rantzen shares her tips for cocooning 8mins

Tuesday, 31st Mar 9.10am

Balcony Bingo Part 1

A full house takes on a different meaning this morning- our very own legs eleven Alan is out and about in Ringsend. 6mins

Tuesday, 31st Mar 8.40am

Dr. Sinead Q&A

Dr. Sinead is with us now via Skype to answer some of your queries and share her advice. 6mins

Tuesday, 31st Mar 8.20am