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Upcycling Challenge Part 2

Ireland AM

Our eager team of up-cyclers have been hard at work all morning. They join us now with their finished pieces.

Friday, 13th Mar 9.25am


Comedian Eric Lalor

Anna and Simon chat to Eric Lalor about how we can give back to all the frontline healthcare workers who are working so hard during this pandemic 5mins

Saturday, 28th Mar 10.45am

Blood Bikes

Aidan Collins explains the great work done by Blood Bikes East 7mins

Saturday, 28th Mar 10.30am

Staying Social

Mark Kavanagh is with us to explain all the different social media apps to help you stay in touch with those close to you 8mins

Saturday, 28th Mar 10.15am

COVID-19 Q and A For Kids

Dr. Matt O'Toole is here with advice on talking to your kids about the COVID-19 pandemic 9mins

Saturday, 28th Mar 9.45am

Eoin Brannigan

Editor of The Irish Daily Star Eoin Brannigan joins us to discuss the latest COVID-19 figures 9mins

Saturday, 28th Mar 9.30am