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Marcella O’Meara

Ireland AM

Marcella O’Meara is a makeup artist and character creator. He uses makeup and contouring skills to sculpt himself into well known female figures

Thursday, 16th Jan 8.35am


The Grammys Fashion Part 2

To help us continue to separate the hits from the misses, our fashion panelists Michele McGrath and Rob Condon have joined us back in the studio. 7mins

Monday, 27th Jan 10.45am

Love Island Review

Journalist Fionnuala Jones shares her thoughts about all the drama from Love Island 11mins

Monday, 27th Jan 10.25am

Homelessness Tour Guide Shane Howell And Journalist Kitty Hollan

Brianna is back with Homelessness tour guide Shane Howell and journalist Kitty... 10mins

Monday, 27th Jan 10.10am

The Grammy's Fashion Part 1

stylists Michele McGrath & Rob Condon discuss some of the looks from one of the biggest nights- The Grammy's 8mins

Monday, 27th Jan 9.50am

Soap Preview

Our TV Reviewer Gary Brennan is here now with a look ahead to this week's big soap storylines. 9mins

Monday, 27th Jan 9.25am