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Religion In School

Ireland AM

This morning we're asking - how hard is it for parents to opt their children out of religion in school?

Wednesday, 18th Sep 8.20am


Thomas Gabriel

As the eldest grandson of the legendary Johnny Cash, our next guest got to tour with the Man in Black and live life on the road 9mins

Thursday, 17th Oct 10.45am

Winter Layering 2

Back on the catwalk this morning, it's all about layering up for the the colder months. 7mins

Thursday, 17th Oct 10.25am

Clodagh Finn

In a brand new book 'Through Her Eyes', Journalist and Author Clodagh Finn aims to highlight 21 Irish women whose stories deserve to be told. 8mins

Thursday, 17th Oct 10.10am

Winter Layering 1

If the thought of the dropping temperatures sends a chill down your spine, fear not, because stylist Sonja Mohlich was here with some winter layering tips 6mins

Thursday, 17th Oct 9.50am

Movie Madness

If you fancy a new movie this weekend but you're not sure what to watch, well our Movie Reviewer Sarina Bellissimo is here now to take us through some of... 8mins

Thursday, 17th Oct 9.40am