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An Grainan

Ireland AM

When it comes to cooking, sewing, knitting or arts and crafts, Brianna wouldn't be the top of the queue so we decided to set her a challenge and experience a day in An Grainan.

Friday, 19th Jul 9.10am


Celebrity Style 2

They lead such glamourous lives, and with a wardrobe to match, it's hard not to be envious of our favouite celebs when it comes to their styles. 6mins

Friday, 16th Aug 10.20am

What Do Your Dreams Mean?

From dreaming of your ex to being chased by cows, what do your dreams actually mean? Well our dream Analyst Paul Gill explains all 8mins

Friday, 16th Aug 10.10am

Celebrity Style 1

From Holly Willoughby to Miranda Kerr, stylist Rob Condon is helping us to achieve the task of ultimate Hollywood glam, 6mins

Friday, 16th Aug 9.45am

Hair Removal

Joining us now to discuss the best techniques and what you should avoid is the Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock and Ellen Kavanagh, founder and CEO of Waxperts. 11mins

Friday, 16th Aug 9.35am

Children's Books

Elaina Ryan, director of Children's Books Ireland, joins us this morning with her round-up of the best books for your young ones. 9mins

Friday, 16th Aug 9.20am