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Ireland AM

Today we're meeting the Irish businesses who are making their own mark in the world of fitness.

Tuesday, 25th Jun 9.20am


The Academic

Since forming at a Battle of the Bands concert in their Westmeath school just five years ago they've gone on to release a debut album that's accumulated 50... 7mins

Monday, 15th Jul 10.20am

Mother of the Bride Part Two

We're swapping those outdated outfits for some stunning styles with a little help from Celia Holman Lee. 7mins

Monday, 15th Jul 10.10am

Mother of the Bride Part One

Whether you're mother of the bride or mother of the groom, there can often be a lot of pressure to find a wedding look that's... 6mins

Monday, 15th Jul 9.45am

Soaps Preview

It's another jam-packed week in both Corrie and the Dales and our soap watcher Gary Brennan joins us now with all the drama for the week ahead. 10mins

Monday, 15th Jul 9.30am

Rural Week

With Brexit looming, struggles to ensure diverse representation and growing concerns about safety standards are more pressing than ever. 12mins

Monday, 15th Jul 9.20am