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Sudden Cardiac Death

Ireland AM

Nicola Finn and Aidan O’Mahony tell us about walking the Camino de Santiago to raise vital funds for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome charity, Cry.

Thursday, 23rd May 10.10am


Holiday Fashion 2

Stylist Rob Condon with more Summer styles, 6mins

Wednesday, 19th Jun 10.20am

Summer Festival Essentials

Lisa Kavanagh is here now with her survival guide and all the must-have essentials. 10mins

Wednesday, 19th Jun 9.20am

White Chocolate Blondies

We all love a fudgy chocolate brownie, but we're changing it up a little bit this morning, with White Chocolate Blondies! 7mins

Wednesday, 19th Jun 8.45am

Relationship Red Flags

Often when someone is swept into the whirlwind of a new relationship it can be difficult for them to recognise the signs of dating abuse. 11mins

Wednesday, 19th Jun 8.30am

Reiki Master

Jackie Mason is a trained Reiki practitioner and teacher, and she is going to ease us gently into some Japanese natural healing. 6mins

Wednesday, 19th Jun 8.10am