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Aerial Acrobatics

Ireland AM

This July, Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular returns to Dublin and Cork with its biggest and most spectacular five-day programme of events for all ages. And joining me now to tell us more about it is festival director, Shell Holden

Friday, 17th May 8.15am


Spice Girl's Look's Part 2

Stylist Laura Mullet is here with fantastic athletic fashion to rival sporty spice 4mins

Friday, 24th May 10.15am

Spice Girls Look's Part 1

Stylist Laura Mullet is here with some trendy and athletic looks for those who 'Wannabe' just like sporty spice. 6mins

Friday, 24th May 9.50am

Spice Girl's Makeup

If you're looking to spice up your life and your make up look- you better stop right now and watch this! Ahead of one of the summer's biggest gigs, we're... 9mins

Friday, 24th May 9.35am

Fat Freddie: A Gangster's Life

Our next guest's new book 'Fat Freddie: a gangster's life' is a gripping account of the rise and fall of one of Ireland's most... 11mins

Friday, 24th May 9.20am

Simon Rimmer BBQ Chicken

We recently caught up with Simon Rimmer from Channel 4's Sunday Brunch as he cooked up a storm on the barbecue 7mins

Friday, 24th May 8.45am