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Fashion Part 2

Ireland AM

Celia Holman Lee is back.

Monday, 8th Apr 10.20am


Holiday wardrobe part two

When the holiday is booked the next task at hand is sorting out your holiday wardrobe. 5mins

Tuesday, 23rd Apr 10.20am

Paula Mee

In her new book, Dietitian Paula Mee tackles explains how improving your eating habits can make you look and feel much better. 8mins

Tuesday, 23rd Apr 10.10am

Holiday wardrobe part one

The holidays is booked and the countdown has begun so now it's time to start planning your holiday wardrobe. 6mins

Tuesday, 23rd Apr 9.45am

Home gadgets

Our gadget guru Colin Baker shows us that the smart homes of the distant future are actually available today. 7mins

Tuesday, 23rd Apr 9.20am

Moe Dunford

The Dig tells the story of Ronan Callahan who after serving 15 years for murder, returns to find the victim’s father searching for the body. 12mins

Tuesday, 23rd Apr 9.10am