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Black Pudding and Poblano Pepper Tacos

Ireland AM

Chef Lily Ramirez Foran adds an Irish twist to the classic Mexican taco with her black pudding and pepper taco.

Thursday, 14th Mar 8.45am


Fashion part 2

Stylist Sonja Mohlich is showing us how we can all get on board and look shipshape in no time at all. 5mins

Friday, 22nd Mar 10.20am

Deirdre O'Kane

As Deirdre O'Kane's star continues to rise she's managed to make some time in her busy schedule to sit down for a chat with us. 8mins

Friday, 22nd Mar 10.10am

Fashion Part 1

To make sure we're decked out in style rather than walking the plank is stylist Sonja Mohlich with her top tips on how to rock this sea friendly look. 5mins

Friday, 22nd Mar 9.50am

Baby Businesses

We meet three quirky businesses all hoping to make the lives of parents that bit easier.  11mins

Friday, 22nd Mar 9.25am

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Ideas

Jenifer Rock joins us now with a selection of mother's day beauty gift ideas.   9mins

Friday, 22nd Mar 9.15am