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AM: Dog Agility

Ireland AM

It's one of the biggest dog shows in the world, yes the 128th year of Crufts is already underway and today, we've decided to bring the arena to the Ireland Am garden, and test out some agility skills of our own

Friday, 8th Mar 8.00am


Spring/Summer Wardrobe 2

Summer is fast approaching which gives us the perfect excuse to bring some much needed colour back into our wardrobes. 5mins

Monday, 25th Mar 10.20am

March Camera Club Finalists

Photographer Jenny McCarthy joins Mark Cagney alongside this month's three camera club finalists 9mins

Monday, 25th Mar 10.10am

Spring/Summer Wardrobe 1

Today we're beating those Monday blues by injecting some colour back into our spring/summer wardrobe 6mins

Monday, 25th Mar 9.45am

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner so this morning we've enlisted the help of Marietta Doran to help us find the perfect gift to give your mother a well... 9mins

Monday, 25th Mar 9.30am

AM Soapwatch

It's another jam-packed week in both Corrie and the Dales and our soap watcher Gary Brennan joins us now with all the drama for the week ahead 9mins

Monday, 25th Mar 9.20am