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AM: Chicken and Chorizo Beanz Stew

Ireland AM

Joe Shannon joins us in the AM kitchen this morning

Thursday, 24th Jan 8.45am


Enhance your curves part two

This morning we're enhancing your curves with a selection of stylish outfits. 7mins

Monday, 18th Feb 10.20am

Rodelle Borja

The singing nurse who uses music to get over his speech issues. He was the stand out performance from Saturday night's Ireland's Got Talent. 6mins

Monday, 18th Feb 10.10am

Enhance your curves part one

It's so important that women everywhere have the confidence to look and feel good!  6mins

Monday, 18th Feb 9.50am

Soaps Preview

Its another jam-packed week in both Corrie and the Dales and our soap watcher Gary Brennan has all the drama for the week ahead. 9mins

Monday, 18th Feb 9.20am

Overcoming miscarriage

We were joined by a Donegal couple to chat about their belief that more supports need to be put in place in the aftermath of such a loss. 13mins

Monday, 18th Feb 9.10am