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Fashion part 2

Ireland AM

Stylist Alexander Fitzgerald has stayed with us.

Friday, 26th Oct 10.20am


Kids Winter Fashion 2

Stylist Michele Mcgrath has stayed with us with three more cool looks 5mins

Friday, 16th Nov 10.10am

Kids Winter Fashion 1

Stylist Michele McGrath has some of the cosiest kids looks perfect to  keep them warm and of course cute as ever this winter 6mins

Friday, 16th Nov 9.50am

The Skin Nerd

Finding time to take care of your skin ahead of the festivities is key to making sure you look and feel great in time for Christmas 20mins

Friday, 16th Nov 9.20am

4 in a Bar

4 in a Bar are a barbershop quartet that are taking Ireland by storm with their unique take on well known tunes 5mins

Friday, 16th Nov 9.15am

Thai Green Lamb Stew

Paul Treyvaud joined us with his fancy but easy to make Thai Green Lamb stew with Savoury Jamaican style rice! 9mins

Friday, 16th Nov 8.45am