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6. Please Release Me

The Royal

Dr Ormerod's career is on the line, Dr Ellis deals with a different sort of outbreak at the local prison and Faye overcomes her fear of needles.

Wednesday, 19th Jun 11.50am

12. The Enemy Within

Last ever episode. Aisling's adoption is official but Brigid is confused by her feelings. Dr Ormerod opens a can of worms when he attends to a rough local... 46mins

Thursday, 27th Jun 1.15pm

11. Below The Surface

It looks as though the casualty department may have to close. Dr Weatherill risks everything to save a homeless man trapped at a building site. 46mins

Wednesday, 26th Jun 1.20pm

10. A Hero for Our Time

The casualty department is flooded. Jack's fishing trip is ruined when a car crashes into the lake. The chairman of the DHA's daughter is treated at the... 46mins

Tuesday, 25th Jun 1.20pm

9. Dead Air

A girls' trip out on board a pirate radio ship ends badly when the group is caught in a siege. The doctors are mystified when a woman miraculously recovers... 46mins

Monday, 24th Jun 1.20pm

8. Manoeuvres

A family day at the park ends in disaster for the Ormerods, Dr Ellis risks getting too involved with a patient in trouble and Lizzie attempts to improve her... 46mins

Friday, 21st Jun 1.15pm