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2. On The Road

The Royal

Dr Burnett uses Carnegie's private suite to treat the homeless. Jill Weatherill faces her demons on her first day back in the saddle. Ken and Lizzie make a decision.

Tuesday, 12th Oct 3.50pm

10. In The Air

Matron is infuriated when she discovers what Susie has been up to, while Mr Rose faces a personal trial when things fail to go to plan at the golf course or... 46mins

Friday, 22nd Oct 3.50pm

9. Busman's Holiday

Mr Middleditch makes a shocking announcement to the hospital staff. A daytrip ends in disaster. And Susie makes Carnegie an offer he can't refuse. 46mins

Thursday, 21st Oct 3.50pm

8. Pastures New

When the hospital boiler packs up, Jack Bell saves the day. An intrepid explorer makes an interesting discovery. And a family discover that rural life can be... 46mins

Wednesday, 20th Oct 3.50pm

7. Home from the Hill

Burnett acknowledges his true feelings for Marian. Carnegie pulls strings to get an injured patient into the Royal. And Lizzie is pleased to see a familiar... 46mins

Tuesday, 19th Oct 3.50pm

6. Stolen Dreams

Stella and Frankie start to plan a future together, but their dreams are jeopardised when they get caught up in a major incident in the town. 46mins

Monday, 18th Oct 3.50pm