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7. Love Is All You Need

The Royal

When a day at the beach ends in tragedy for a local family, Carnegie questions Weatherill's competence, but an outraged Dr Ormerod leaps to Jill's defence.

Wednesday, 15th Sep 3.50pm

12. From This Day Forward

A wedding reception goes with a bang, when a fishing trawler careers off track. Adam has a difficult choice to make and there's a new arrival at the hospital. 46mins

Wednesday, 22nd Sep 3.50pm

11. Keep on Running

Alun saves the day when a patient takes matters into his own hands. Goodwin and Makori find themselves getting closer. 46mins

Tuesday, 21st Sep 3.50pm

10. Price of Progress

Dr Makori takes a crash course in dealing with Yorkshire folk. Stella deals with the confessions of a window cleaner. Carnegie has some news. 46mins

Monday, 20th Sep 3.50pm

9. Winners and Loser

The arrival of a new locum ruffles some feathers. A day at the races seems perfect for Carnegie and Catherine's first date - if they can avoid the others. 46mins

Friday, 17th Sep 3.50pm

8. Waifs and Strays

While treating a sick baby, Dr Goodwin uncovers dark secrets its parents would prefer to keep hidden. Rose and Ormerod have an adventure at a hippy... 46mins

Thursday, 16th Sep 3.50pm