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6. Skin Deep

The Royal

Nostalgic medical drama. A face from the past spells trouble for Klein; Brigid makes a decision about her future; and Ormerod and Weatherill decide to break up.

Thursday, 8th Apr 3.50pm

14. Famous for a Day

The hospital hosts a Christmas broadcast from the wards; Mr Harper has to join in with the festivities; and Dr Ormerod witnesses a miracle. 47mins

Tuesday, 20th Apr 3.55pm

13. Home to Roost

Nostalgic drama series. Ormerod and Weatherill lay Caroline's memory to rest; Mr Rose tries a change of image; and Lucy Klein oversteps the mark with Dr... 47mins

Monday, 19th Apr 3.55pm

12. Doing Time

A prison van crashes, forcing its occupants to confront a few demons; Alun and Ken stumble across some ill-gotten gains; and Weatherill gets a surprise... 47mins

Friday, 16th Apr 3.55pm

11. Reckoning

Tests on a teenage boy reveal a family secret; Ormerod and Weatherill find they are under investigation; and Goodwin shows Samantha how to relax. 47mins

Thursday, 15th Apr 3.55pm

10. For Those in Peril

Nostalgic drama set in a hospital. Brigid and Weatherill treat a young girl with problem parents. Anonymous poison pen letters spell trouble for Ormerod. 47mins

Wednesday, 14th Apr 3.55pm