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Sharleen Spiteri

The Six O'Clock Show

Texas frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri tells us her plans to up sticks to Ireland, helps us to touch our 'inner smile' and more!

Tuesday, 15th Nov 6.30pm


Matt Goss

Singing sensation Matt Goss joins us now 11mins

Wednesday, 7th Dec 6.25pm

Festive Mince Pies

Chef Aisling Larkin is gettuing us in the festive mood! 9mins

Tuesday, 6th Dec 6.50pm

Weather Latest

With rumours ramping up that snow is on the way and that a white Christmas might be a reality, we knew we had to draft in the big gun of weather forecasting!... 9mins

Tuesday, 6th Dec 6.45pm

Episode 233

A fast-paced, witty chat show with some of Ireland's biggest celebrities. The show also delivers expert guidance on everything from consumer affairs to the... 39mins

Tuesday, 6th Dec 6.00pm

Christmas Cookies

Conor Spacey creates amazing cookies for you to hang on your tree(and also eat!) 8mins

Monday, 5th Dec 6.45pm