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Gochujang Chicken

The Six O'Clock Show

Chef Adrian Martin is in the Six Kitchen this evening!

Monday, 13th Sep 6.45pm


Panzanella Traybake & Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken

Aisling Larkin stopped by this evening to create a delicious Panzanella Traybake... 8mins

Tuesday, 21st Sep 6.50pm

Hermitage Green

Hermitage Green's Barry Murphy and Darragh Graham talk new music and their long awaited return to the stage. 8mins

Tuesday, 21st Sep 6.40pm

Emily Hourican

We talk botox and books with the blissfully unapologetic, best selling author and journalist Emily Hourican. 9mins

Tuesday, 21st Sep 6.25pm

Becky Hill

From TV talent show to bonafide dancefloor fillers! We chat to one of Britain's most in demand singer-songwriters, Becky Hill. 12mins

Tuesday, 21st Sep 6.10pm

Guinness Chocolate Cake

Chef Adrian Martin stopped by to make a scrumptious Guinness Chocolate Cake. 7mins

Monday, 20th Sep 6.45pm