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Series 4, Episode 23

Red Rock

A new suspect in the Donna Burke case suggests Dunne is off the hook, then an unexpected twist turns everything on its head

Wednesday, 8th Jan 9.00pm

Series 4, Episode 22

With Tom Callaghan lying in a pool of blood, attention turns to Superintendent Dunne as the prime suspect in the deaths of both Callaghan and Donna Burke 46mins

Monday, 6th Jan 9.00pm

Series 4, Episode 21

Dunne's world is in free fall over the Donna Burke murder case. All station staff are questioned individually about the actions of Detective Rory Walsh 46mins

Monday, 1st Apr 9.00pm

Series 4, Episode 20

Keith fights for life after swallowing something he shouldn't have. Patricia tries to blackmail Callaghan, but he ducks and covers again. 44mins

Monday, 25th Mar 10.00pm

Series 4, Episode 19

Rory's web of lies and secrecy threatens to unravel. Just as she is about to give up all hope, Sharon lands the final piece of the puzzle in her case against... 44mins

Monday, 18th Mar 9.00pm

Series 4, Episode 18

When Paudge finds emoji bags at the rave, Johno recognises them as Keith's. Patricia comes up with a plan of revenge on Callaghan and decides that Irena is... 42mins

Monday, 11th Mar 9.00pm