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8. Hanmer Revisit

The Hotel Inspector

Successful hotelier Ruth Watson returns to an establishment she visited in the first series. Keith and Val Morris's classy 23-bed hotel was losing money fast.

Saturday, 1st May 8.00pm

1. Saxonia

Ruth Watson attempts to reform the Saxonia in Weston-super-Mare, which is stuck in a timewarp with tired decor and bric-a-brac everywhere. 47mins

Saturday, 13th Mar 8.00pm

2. Langtry

Ruth Watson helps Pamela Howard, who bought the Langtry Manor Hotel in the 1970s and has established a well-respected but unprofitable business. 47mins

Saturday, 20th Mar 8.00pm

3. Key West

Ruth Watson reforms failing hotels with her no-nonsense approach. The Scotts are in trouble after investing their life savings in Newquay's Key West Hotel. 47mins

Saturday, 27th Mar 8.00pm

4. Sparkles

Eccentric hotelier Sue Ryan calls in hotel inspector Ruth Watson to help improve the business side of her themed hotel in Blackpool. 46mins

Saturday, 3rd Apr 8.00pm

5. Tasburgh

Sue Keeling has been running the upmarket Tasburgh House Hotel in Bath on her own since her divorce and needs hotelier Ruth Watson's expert help 47mins

Saturday, 10th Apr 8.00pm