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Episode 3

The Fortune Hotel

The contestants wonder who may have been holding the fortune case, but a room service game twist causes distraction before the next day trip challenge.

Wednesday, 15th May 9.00pm

Episode 8

A surprise twist is revealed as the remaining contestants face their final challenges in a race back to the hotel. 55mins

Thursday, 23rd May 9.00pm

Episode 7

A team feels vulnerable as tension runs high; players make a risky tactical move that pays off; the day trip challenge includes a ride on a luxury yacht. 46mins

Wednesday, 22nd May 9.00pm

Episode 6

Alliances are strengthened as others scheme against their rivals; a room service challenge has contestants trying to pack light; an offer of help goes wrong 46mins

Tuesday, 21st May 9.00pm

Episode 5

Ten pairs of guests at a luxury resort in the Caribbean are each given an identical briefcase, one of which contains 250,000 pounds in cash. 46mins

Monday, 20th May 9.00pm

Episode 4

Alliances are formed as suspicions grow; one team must offload their early checkout card before they are evicted; the final teams partake in a speedboat day... 46mins

Thursday, 16th May 9.00pm