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This programme contains scenes suitable for a mature audience. 

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Episode 11

Love Island: All Stars

The contestants try to figure out who is ready for romance and who is just looking for fun.

Friday, 17th May 2.00am

Episode 1

Previous contestants return to the Love Island villa in search of romance. 67mins

Friday, 17th May 1.10am

Episode 2

The cast settles into their routine of dating and dumping. 58mins

Friday, 17th May 1.15am

Episode 3

The participants face twists and turns each day as the games continue. 45mins

Friday, 17th May 1.20am

Episode 4

The contestants continue to look for love as they settle into the chaos of villa life. 56mins

Friday, 17th May 1.25am

Episode 5

The participants reflect on the first week back at the villa. 49mins

Friday, 17th May 1.30am