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16. Twin Tweaks

Real Housewives Of Orange County - Season 13

Upon their return from Jamaica, Vicki and Shannon proceed with dueling plastic surgeries.

Friday, 1st Dec 3.55am

1. The Next Chapter

After the surprising reconciliation between Vicki, Tamra and Shannon at last season's reunion, the ladies are working to rebuild their friendship and regain... 41mins

Friday, 1st Dec 2.40am

2. One Apology, Another Betrayal

In the wake of Vicki repairing her friendship with Tamra, Vicki must face one last hurtle and apologize to Eddie. 41mins

Friday, 1st Dec 2.45am

3. Tres Amigas

Kelly's argument with Vicki continues, coming to an angry, tearful end. Tamra and Vicki fly to Mexico for a girls weekend to help break Shannon out of her... 41mins

Friday, 1st Dec 2.50am

4. Judge, Jury and Gina

While Shannon gets her daughter's opinion on her new business venture, Tamra visits the doctor and finds out her broken foot may require surgery. 41mins

Friday, 1st Dec 2.55am

5. Orange County Hold 'Em

New divorcees Shannon and Kelly bond on a night on the town, making Tamra feel left out, as she tends to her husband Eddie, who... 41mins

Friday, 1st Dec 3.00am