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This programme contains scenes suitable for a mature audience. 

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6. Pony Up

Million Dollar Listing LA - Season 11

In an attempt to sell her historic Del Mar listing, Tracy and team head to the racetrack in search of wealthy buyers.

Friday, 1st Dec 4.50am

1. The Struggle Is Real

Josh Flagg may have promised more than he can deliver on a Beverly Hills estate. 63mins

Friday, 1st Dec 4.25am

2. The Good Fight

After the sale of Rose McGowan's home, Tracy holds an estate sale of all of the actress's belongings and memorabilia to help her continue to fight the good... 63mins

Friday, 1st Dec 4.30am

3. Won't You Be My Neighbour?

Josh Flagg pulls out his bag of tricks in a final attempt to sell the Bel Air house. 42mins

Friday, 1st Dec 4.35am

4. Rumble In The 90210

After things get heated with the seller of his Hollywood Hills compound, Altman finds him working under new perimeters and impossible deadline. 42mins

Friday, 1st Dec 4.40am

5. Send It To Viral

Shamed by the crazy drama that broke out at their Beverly Hills brokers' open, James and David try to salvage their relationship with the sellers and finally... 42mins

Friday, 1st Dec 4.45am