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1. The Consummate Murder

Evidence of Evil

A look at the brutal murder of Irish woman Rachel O'Reilly and how authorities were able to find a murder suspect by conducting a groundbreaking criminal investigation.

Friday, 14th Jun 12.00am

7. Murdered For Love

Northern Ireland police investigate a death after a man is killed in his bedroom, and they discover that the murder was not a random attack. 45mins

Friday, 19th Jul 12.00am

5. Murder In The Mountains

Details are shared about the brutal murder of Phyllis Murphy to reveal how new advances in forensic technology allowed officers to finally find her killer. 46mins

Friday, 12th Jul 12.00am

4. The Murders of Sharon, Zarah and Nadia Whelan

Forensic experts investigate the death of a woman who was attacked and killed in... 45mins

Friday, 5th Jul 1.00am

3. The Grangegorman Killer

True crime. The mutilation and murder of two women sparked a huge police manhunt. Thanks to advances in forensic science, the killer was brought to justice. 45mins

Friday, 28th Jun 12.00am

2. Body In The Canal

The actions of a law enforcement team and forensic scientists are examined to reveal how both the victim and the murder suspects were identified. 46mins

Friday, 21st Jun 1.00am