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Ireland's Pampered Pets

25 Years Of Virgin Media Television

Taking a look at some of the ways that pet owners make sure their pets gets the best care possible.

Wednesday, 20th Sep 1.50am

First News Broadcast - 20th September 1998

The very first News broadcast from 1998. 58mins

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2.30am

Speakeasy: Millennium Doomsday

Speakeasy was a daytime show, that broadcast in Ireland from 1998 till 1999. 23mins

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2.25am

Elaine - January 2017

Elaine Crowley presents the show that features in-depth interviews with high-profile guests, live interviews on location from around Ireland and a topical... 44mins

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2.20am

The Morning Show With Sybil & Martin - 11th May 2009

The very first episode of The Morning Show with Sybil & Martin! 34mins

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2.15am

Late Lunch Live - 30th September 2013

Martin King and Lucy Kennedy host the afternoon show brimming with topical stories and celebrity interviews. 48mins

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2.10am