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8. Crossed Wires and Cuckoo Clocks


Lauren says goodbye to her parents and finds out about an unfortunate file being shared at work

Monday, 30th Jan 2.35am

1. Condoms and Cornichons

Lauren is having a fantastic time enjoying the spoils of the dating apps, until she finds out first-hand about the Anti-Hoon laws and their consequences. 27mins

Friday, 20th Jan 10.35pm

2. Whose D**k Is This?

Lauren is using so many apps she can barely keep track, which becomes a bit of an issue when she receives an explicit picture with a suspicious side jar. 24mins

Friday, 27th Jan 10.35pm

3. Lipstick and Nits

Lauren sleeps with a narcissist and one of Jake's recently divorced mates, and dismisses both as moments of madness. 24mins

Monday, 30th Jan 2.10am

4. Three S**gs and Call Me Christ

Lauren has a wild night with a young model-musician, inadvertently leading him down the garden path of emotional attachment. 24mins

Monday, 30th Jan 2.15am

5. Banjos and Dirty Duck

Lauren's confronted with a bit more than she anticipated during a steamy date 24mins

Monday, 30th Jan 2.20am