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7. Party Crashers

WAGS LA - Season 3

Nicole decides to crash Larry's bachelor party in Columbia. Michelle deals with the death of an ex, and Amber wrestles with Tito wanting to start a new career in the WWE

Saturday, 1st Oct 1.10am

1. WAG War

On the season premiere, new WAG, Dominique Penn, attempts to mend the rift between mutual friends, and former besties, Sasha and Autumn. 42mins

Saturday, 1st Oct 12.40am

2. Thirsty Thots

Sasha invites Natalie and Olivia to her hometown in Trinidad. Olivia deals with an Instagram faux pas 42mins

Saturday, 1st Oct 12.45am

3. Trouble in Paradise

Episode 3 Trouble in Paradise Nicole deals with the repercussions of leaving WAGS out of her wedding festivities 42mins

Saturday, 1st Oct 12.50am

4. 50 Shades of Shade

Barbie sees a therapist in hopes of getting her marriage back on track. 42mins

Saturday, 1st Oct 12.55am

5. No Ring, No Deal

Autumn and Sasha try to hash out their problems. Natalie & Olivia launch their clothing line, and Nicole is thrown for a loop when Larry doesn’t want to... 42mins

Saturday, 1st Oct 1.00am