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Episode 2

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Hilton Cubitt asks Holmes for help in tracking down the person sending frightening messages to his wife.

Friday, 12th Aug 10.00pm

Episode 7

Holmes must help clear an innocent man of thievery when a wealthy Countess's famous gem is reported stolen. 52mins

Friday, 16th Sep 10.00pm

Episode 6

A young woman whose sister died mysteriously approaches Holmes for help after her cruel stepfather moves her into her late sister's room. 52mins

Friday, 9th Sep 10.00pm

Episode 5

A wife discovers a secret about her colonel husband and she is suspected of murder when his dead body is discovered but she is also found unconscious. 52mins

Friday, 2nd Sep 10.00pm

Episode 4

Young music teacher Violet Smith tells Holmes of her concerns over a mysterious cyclist who follows her when she rides from the station to her place of work. 52mins

Friday, 26th Aug 10.00pm

Episode 3

A Foreign Office clerk's career looks to be in jeopardy when a secret document in his charge is stolen. 52mins

Friday, 19th Aug 10.00pm