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Angie's guilt prompts advice for Oly, who needs to get to the bottom of an issue with Santi.

Monday, 30th Jan 1.25am

1. Daddy Sleepover

In the aftermath of Angie and Matais’s relationship being discovered, Oly and Santi have to be the mature ones and raise Jacinda together. 28mins

Friday, 20th Jan 10.05pm

2. Tickle Time Part 1

Santi is struggling with ghosts from his past, but he hasn't told Oly, who as usual keeps on aiming high. Meanwhile, Angie has a surprise visitor. 29mins

Friday, 27th Jan 10.05pm

3. Silencio

Matias tries to make amends with Rosa and Santi, while three's a crowd at the Chalmers-Davis house. 28mins

Monday, 30th Jan 1.10am

4. Superwomen

Oly tries to have it all, and Birdie's efforts to impress those close to Dom bring mixed results. 30mins

Monday, 30th Jan 1.15am

5. Just Kids

While Reema and Vince and the rest of the gang enjoy a big night out, Oly and Santi are stuck at home in a most unglamorous situation. 30mins

Monday, 30th Jan 1.20am