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11. Dead of Summer

Baywatch - Season 3

The governor holds a speech on the pier; three bad guys plan to blow the pier into pieces with a boat. Garner meets his sister's old friend Wendi again.

Monday, 14th Feb 4.15am

1. River of No Return Part 1

Mitch receives news of his uncle's death. He recruits Hobie, Eddie and Shauni to trek to northern California's rugged gold... 40mins

Monday, 14th Feb 3.25am

2. River Of No Return Part 2

Drew shoots at the raft. Shauni is taken hostage, and pushed off the cliff. After Eddie and Mitch save her, she finds out that... 39mins

Monday, 14th Feb 3.30am

3. Tequila Bay

A woman from Mitch's past becomes one of his fellow lifeguards and stirs up memories for Mitch. 41mins

Monday, 14th Feb 3.35am

4. Rookie Of The Year

The lifeguards compete against each other to determine who is the best. 41mins

Monday, 14th Feb 3.40am

5. Pier Pressure

Summer is humiliated when she mistakes an offhand invitation from Jimmy Slade for a date. 41mins

Monday, 14th Feb 3.45am