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13. Now Sit Right Back and You'll Hear A Tale

Baywatch - Season 2

A routine rescue sends Eddie on a madcap adventure to "Gilligan's Island."

Monday, 14th Feb 2.35am

1. Nightmare Bay Part 1

An underwater photographer is attacked and more than a few people believe a sea monster is responsible. 40mins

Monday, 14th Feb 1.35am

2. Nightmare Bay Part 2

With the hysteria over the 'sea monster', Mitch and his fellow lifeguards are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. 40mins

Monday, 14th Feb 1.40am

3. The One That Got Away

A fisherman tricks new lifeguard Megan into rescuing him in order to attack her. 42mins

Monday, 14th Feb 1.45am

4. Money, Honey

Mitch is offered the lead role in an action movie when the star is injured, but risks losing his role when he rejects the amorous advances of the film's... 41mins

Monday, 14th Feb 1.50am

5. Fabulous Buchannon Boys

Mitch's brother Buzzy comes to visit with his estranged son Kyle, who proves to be a bad influence on Hobie. 42mins

Monday, 14th Feb 1.55am